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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

More progress

Upper deck is Waynesboro, VA. Roadbed is in, needs a quick sanding, and I'm out of flex track....so progress stops. The lower deck is Crozet, VA. I'll be adding mockups for Morton's Frozen Foods and the other buildings. 

Next photo: Waynesboro on top deck with mockup of station that was still standing in 1985. The N&W mainline passes under the C&O at the middle piece of paper. Lower deck is the west end of Crozet. The brick station there is still standing today and was used as the Library. 

This photo looks east at Waynesboro. The roadbed taking off to the left is the interchange with the N&W. There will be 3 staging or interchange tracks around the corner. (far left)

Below is the main descending into Waynesboro on the upper deck. I've decided to add the passing siding here. I originally thought it was gone by my time, but according to the track charts, it was there. And since this is the exit of the helix, it will help with operations. The siding will start at the clamps. On the west end of the passing siding there was a siding for a quarry. I will try to add that as well. I don't have much info yet. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Progress update

Afton, VA on the bottom. Road bridge will cross over in front of the pole.

Another View. Helix is on other side of staircase, Westbounds will enter Blue Ridge Tunnel (bottom of helix). The will exit Blue Ridge Tunnel (top of helix) and be seen here on upper deck.

Entering Blue Ridge Tunnel. 
I plan on modeling the east portal of the original Crozet tunnel as seen in B&W picture. 

Exiting top of helix. Need to order the tunnel portals from Alkem Scale Models soon. 
Pic works nice for a temporary portal.

Mechum's creek bridge (lower deck) looking towards Crozet, VA at far right around bend.

More to come....

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Track crew has been busy

The track crew has been busy laying the mainline from Ivy, VA to Mechum's Creek Bridge and plans call for them to continue in Crozet, VA very soon. Peco code 83 is being used on the mainline and passing sidings. Micro Engineering code 70 is being used for sidings.

This photo shows the siding at Mechum's Creek for a small feed & fertilizer dealer.
This photo shows Ivy, VA. The siding in the right goes off scene to a grocery warehouse. On the left is the siding for Westvaco pulpwood loading facility.

Looking westbound at Ivy, VA

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Weighing the fleet

Since the Mountain Subdivision is the host to Westbound empty coal trains, I needed to add weight to these great Bowser 100 Ton cars. Lead shot and Canopy Glue to the rescue. Each car is now just over 4 ounces, almost to NMRA Standard. Next step - Weathering..